Exercise is an invaluable source of stimulation. Sitting too long staring at a screen can do terrible things to your waistline. Surely you’ve noticed. But with all the fad diets and weird exercise suggestions abounding, how do you know who to trust?

We’ve done a little research and we’d like to recommend our picks for the top 7 exercise sites online. Hopefully you’ll learn about exercises like planks, lunges and squats and athletic wear like compression socks, ankle braces, and leggings. If nothing else, you can walk away with some new ideas for getting in shape.

The Top 7 Exercise Sites Online

Without further ado, we present to you, the top 7 exercise sites online:

  1. Scooby’s Workshop– Don’t laugh at the name. There will be no Scooby Snacks here. However, this engineer, Scooby, who has now become a bodybuilder, can show you some great ways to make muscle gains. He’s also got a YouTube site. Learn more about him here.
  2. Jillian Michaels– Her name is synonymous with serious workouts and her website fits the bill too. She teaches about nutrition and fitness for the sake of creating the healthy and strong body you’re looking for. Besides, we had to have someone famous on the list.
  3. CrossFit– Used to train law enforcement and military personnel, this site does not include donuts. However, it does combine cardio, diet and weight training to create a fitness philosophy worthy of serious consideration and application. You can read more on their site.
  4. Fitocracy– The play on words caught our attention. But, the interactive tools to monitor progress kept it. This two tier process will help you get fit. The online resources are free, but coaching is also available for reasonable pricing. Sometimes we need a tangible person to keep us on track, as much as we really love computers that relational realm of well-being is missing. So, consider hiring one of their trainers.
  5. Running Diva Mom– We love the idea of ordinary people setting the fitness example. This mom has resorted to running as her means of securing physical well-being. She’s trying to run 1400 miles. Maybe you could set a similar goal for yourself?
  6. Nerd Fitness– Ok, maybe we just really liked the name of this site. However, it does provide diet and fitness plans. The uber cool thing about it though is that it adds a unique twist by incorporating some interesting gaming suggestions. Its founder was tired of all the get fit quick scams and decided it was time nerds united. Click this to check the site out.
  7. Daily Burn– This site seems to make a bunch of lists on great fitness sites. Therefore it’s worthy of exploration. Tools are provided to keep track of your personal and daily fitness goals and accomplishments. There’s also a database of recipes that includes product nutrition labels. Membership is free and they will share what exercise programs seem to be working for those who participate. Since lots of other people liked it we figured you might want to check it out.

Before you get busy on your fitness goals, make sure you shop for all the safety gear associated with the activities in which you have chosen to engage. So do your research on compression garments as they can help prevent injury and keep you cooler.

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