If you are planning to travel in the near future, you will probably need to access some travel news sites. However, it is entirely probable that you are unfamiliar with all the options available to you. Therefore, we would like to provide you with a list of the best sites for travel news.

Perhaps you are considering traveling to the Ionian Islands but your knowledge of the Greek culture and current financial status is fairly minute. This would be the perfect time to start doing a little travel news research. No matter where you are heading on your next vacation, staying abreast of the political, economic, and cultural news is in your best interest.

The Best Sites for Travel News

Top 8 Sites for Travel News

This is in no way a comprehensive list. In addition, if you are looking for more industry specific information you might be better served by following this link. However, if you are just trying to stay informed before you buy your next tickets to exotic locales, these sites should offer you some assistance:

  1. Airwise News– This is more of an industry-based site. However, if you are looking for aviation, airline, and airport updates, this is the site for you.
  2. Fodor’s Travel Wire– When you are in need of up to date and breaking news about the world of travel, you will land in the right place here.
  3. Online Travel Review– This blog will keep you well informed of the latest airline news.
  4. USA Today– With their travel section you cannot go wrong.
  5. Consumer Affairs– They also offers a travel section on their site that will provide you with the latest news and events.
  6. The Huffington Post– The travel section here offers a blog and additional beneficial travel news.
  7. ABC News– They also have a travel news section where current events and travel news are covered.
  8. Travel Pulse– This is your site for the latest tourism and travel news. Click this to check it out.

Places to Go

Now that you know where to find your news prior to traveling the globe, you might want to consider some of these incredible destinations:

  • Great Barrier Reef– If you have ever treasured the view of a salt water aquarium and you know how to scuba dive, or are willing to learn, this is the place you have always wanted to go!
  • Bora Bora– Jungles, volcanoes, and beaches galore, this is paradise like you have only imagined.
  • Cusco– If architecture and history are more your bent the heart of the Inca’s is an archaeological dream come true.
  • Bali- If monkeys and elephants draw your attention you will enjoy their presence on this lush island oasis.
  • Argentine Patagonia– Can’t decide? Then the varying climate here with glacier topped mountains and gorgeous lakes will fulfill your longings.
  • Florence– When it is art you crave Florence should be on the agenda. Don’t forget the Tuscan wine and food.
  • Cape Town– Mountain climbing and sunbathing are great avenues of adventure at this terrific destination.
  • Rio de Janeiro– Ever heard of the Copacabana? Well, you can visit Copacabana Beach while admiring the incredible Christ the Redeemer statue.

No matter where you are headed this vacation season, you can get all the news you need on the eight sites we recommended. However, if you need a little extra direction do not hesitate to consider our destination suggestions as well.

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