When we set out to offer you the best internet resources in one place, we had no idea how many different topics that could entail. But, we will eventually be a one stop site for all your internet search questions. Today we want to provide you with the best internet directions for picking the right dollhouse.

eBay offers a great article on the topic. You can read the whole thing right here. But for the sake of this piece, we intend to summarize their suggestions. However, there’s also another article on the topic located at this site. That should give you plenty of information so that we fulfill our promise to you.

The Best Internet Directions for Picking the Right Dollhouse

The Best Suggestions for Choosing the Dollhouse of Your Child’s Dreams

Certainly you will only be buying one dollhouse per child, and in fact, you might choose to just get one that they all have to share. The truth is, dollhouses come in all shapes and sizes and a variety of price ranges. Understanding what will best suit your kids is a challenge. Therefore, we are offering you the best suggestions for choosing the dollhouse of your child’s dreams:

  1. Doll size- If your daughter is an American girl doll fan, she will need an 18 doll house. These are rather large houses due to the size of the dolls that she intends to play with. However, that doesn’t mean they have to be expensive, as there’s a cardboard option available that allows your daughter to paint and decorate it as she sees fit. Graphics are included to offer a little assistance in that endeavor. There are playscapes that will suffice if the budget can’t reach the other plastic and wood options. Of course, smaller dolls will offer wider options.
  2. House size– You have to make sure that the dollhouse itself is the right size for your child. If the house is too small, the child will more than likely lose interest. So, before you decide to make a purchase, determine where you intend to keep the dollhouse. That will help you pick a size that is appropriate for your child and the space available in your home.
  3. Age– The beauty of a lot of dollhouse options is that they are designed to grow with the child offering years of enjoyment. However, other designs are for specific age ranges. So, it is important to consider your child’s age prior to making a purchase. Preschool aged children would benefit most from houses that don’t have a lot of intricate parts and construction. Whereas older children, would prefer just the opposite.
  4. Theme- You would not believe how many different types of dollhouses there are. Read this to learn all about that. You can get townhouses or castles, dependent upon your interests. Figure out how long your child will play with this dollhouse, and which types of dolls she prefers, that will help ascertain which theme will be best suited to her interests.
  5. Budget- As shocking as the options are, the prices will be all the more so. Before you even consider looking at dollhouses, it is in your best interest to set a budget. That way you can eliminate those that are too far out of reach before you or your child ever falls in love with it and puts you in the hole financially. Besides, sometimes the kids like the cheaper versions best.

As we explained previously, the eBay article goes into more detail, so don’t forget to read it.

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