There are just some things in life that were done better back in the day. So, we would like to offer you the best instructions for learning to shave the old school way. If you can recall sitting on your grandfather’s, or great grandfather’s, lap after he just had a fresh shave, you’ll understand why his way was better than the way we shave today.

Even with the best electric shaver, you will never get the feel he had. No matter how nice your foil or rotary shaver is, the feel of your skin won’t compare to the shave provided by an old-fashioned safety razor. Sure, today’s electric razors are convenient and speedy. They offer a nearly 0% chance of getting cut too, but you’ll have to decide which blade truly offers you the best cut.

The Best Instructions for Learning to Shave the Old School Way

Shaving Like Your Grandpa

Listen, men, there is nothing like shaving like your grandpa. What he did in that bathroom with his safety razor has seriously become a lost art. Average men today don’t even understand the value of a wet shave. We’ve grown too dependent upon cheap disposable products. But, there are significant benefits to learning to shave the old school way:

  • It’s cheaper- Traditional creams and shaving soaps are made out of natural products, and though they may cost a little more initially, they last longer when they are lathered properly. You’ll save considerably more on the razors as well.
  • Helps the environment– There’s a good deal less waste when you use a metal safety razor as opposed to employing the disposable plastic kind.
  • Shaves more consistently– Today’s razors actually irritate the skin. They leave razor burn and ingrown hairs. Safety razors will give you a far more consistent shave and leave your skin looking healthier. Read this.
  • Makes you feel tough– Let’s face it, men like to feel like they are cool. And, shaving the old school way is a ritual of manhood that will give you that feeling.

What You Need

Now that you understand why shaving like your grandpa is a great thing, you should know what you need for the process. Here are the requirements:

  1. Safety Razor– Holding a piece of metal in your hand will be far more impactful than your typical plastic disposable. You can find them in antique shops, or you can buy a new one if you would prefer. Learn more.
  2. Blades- There are several different blade options for your consideration. Each of them has its own unique sharpness and ability to cut, so try several until you get the one that is right for you.
  3. Brush- Using a shaving brush will help you ensure you get the most out of your shaving products. And, it will be quite the experience. You’ll have to decide whether you prefer boar or badger hair bristles. Badger hair is the nicest.
  4. Creams and Soaps– Get away from the canned versions and enjoy the benefits of natural products that moisturize and nourish your skin. They will cost a bit more but you’ll need less in the process, so over time you’ll realize the true savings.

Now you’re ready to shave right after a shower. The hot water will soften up your beard, then lather it up and start shaving. You won’t need a lot of pressure, just make sure to angle the blade away from your face and shave with the grain. For additional instruction, you can get some great information on this site.

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