We have all seen people with dazzling smiles. They have the perfect alignment and their teeth are exactly the right shade of pearl. No doubt we have even felt a twinge of jealousy as we stare at their toothy perfection. Chances are, we have Googled methods of getting a better smile. And though we might desire an easy fix, the truth is, we need to start caring for our teeth when we’re young.

Yes, there are a number of dentists that offer teeth whitening procedures. They recognize that teeth come in a range of shades from light grey to yellow. And, they understand that as we age, our teeth darken. This is sometimes our own fault as we consume tobacco and coffee or soda. But in reality, the darker our skin tone, the whiter our teeth will appear. So, we’d be better served to take greater care of our smiles (and our skin).

Get the Pearly White Smile You Desire

Get the Pearly White Smile You Desire

7 Tips for Improving the Appearance of Your Smile

The bottom line is that we all need to have good oral hygiene. Regular dental visits are very important as well. Maintaining healthy gums and teeth is essential to overall physical health. In fact, bad oral hygiene has been linked to a number of negative side effects to your health. Things like: heart disease, dementia, respiratory infections, kidney disease and a host of other issues. If you don’t believe us, just read this.

Therefore, it is easy to see why learning 7 tips for improving the appearance of your smile is exceptionally valuable. So, without further ado, here are our tips for you and those you love:

  1. Regular brushing. Some people only brush once a day. But, it is in your best interest to brush at least twice a day. Specifically, consider brushing your teeth after every meal. And, be certain that the toothbrush you use has a small head so that you can access your back teeth. If you need help picking the right toothbrush, this is an excellent resource.
  2. Brush with intentionality. If you have ever asked a kid to brush his teeth, you have been amazed by the rapidity with which he declares that he’s done. This is because he didn’t take the necessary two-to-three minutes to brush intentionally. Make sure you aren’t like that kid when it comes to brushing your teeth.
  3. Cut back on acidic stuff. Fruit juice and soda are highly acidic. Sadly, these acids from food have the ability to dissolve the necessary minerals found within the tooth’s enamel. This creates cavities. And, in serious situations, dentists frequently come in contact with people whose teeth have been “eaten” all the way down to their gums. Here’s a great bit of scientific information on the subject.
  4. Don’t employ your teeth for anything but chewing. We’ve all done it. We’ve ripped open a bag with our teeth, or attempted to twist off a top. In fact, sometimes we’ve even used them to crack nuts. But this kind of risky behavior could chip or break your teeth.
  5. Get rid of all those sweets. While they may taste great, they are truly detrimental to your teeth. You probably didn’t realize this, but the bacteria that is found in dental plaque has the unique ability to transform those sugars into acids. And, as we’ve already learned, acid is very bad for your teeth!

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