If you are looking to build a house of your own, knowing what architectural styles are popular is a must for you. Even if you are interested in buying an already constructed house, a little knowledge of the architectural styles and their popularity is only going to assist you in your quest.

The type of house you prefer depends on your lifestyle and choice. You can go for a modern architecture, contemporary or even old style architecture. Anything can look good and fashionable depending on how you maintain and decorate it.

Moreover, the feasibility of the architecture and its popularity depends on the location you are moving. For instance, in Northeast region, the traditional style is very famous while in the southwest the ranch style of architecture is seen much. Read on and find out some of the most popular architectural styles:

Popular Architectural Home Styles

Popular Architectural Home Styles

Timber frame homes:

Timber frame houses have gained immense popularity in the last decade. They are somewhat similar to the post and beam house architecture. Like all other wooden frame houses, a timber frame house consists of horizontal and vertical beams of timber that support each other. If timber frames are compared to post and beam houses, we see that the bars of timber frame house are cut in a square in a manner; while in post and beam frame houses the bars are circular. With more contemporary style getting popular, the square like bars of timber is widely preferred. The bare timber is usually not hidden while the construction is completed as it gives a unique look.

The main advantage of timber frame homes is its strength. They are quite sturdy and durable, which is why they can withhold heavy weather as well as complex architecture. It has been seen that these houses have a symmetrical structure and composes of fine lines. The design options with timber frame house are very flexible. The best part is that they don’t require large installation time like grey structure, rather after getting the timber cut you can get done with the installation within 2-5 days.

Craftsman style:

This style of architecture was a result of the arts and crafts movement that happened in the early 20th century. This movement was basically a result of a reaction to the industrial revolution that was moving rapidly in that era. Due to the boring industrial revolution architects and artists replied with the decorative arts that gained popularity. The outer area of the craftsman style home is made up of stone and wood. Both these materials are combined in a unique manner. The shape and size of the house of bungalow don’t matter as long as the relationship of wood and stone is not compromised.

Art Deco:

This style of architecture has been influenced by many parts of the world. The first thing that influenced it is Egypt. Later on, a few styles from Hollywood and Miami Beach’s tropical pastels were also added. A typical example of art deco architecture is a flat roof with smooth walls. These houses or buildings are known to have bold and colorful exteriors.

Country style:

These houses are basically the updated version of the old colonial style. The colonial style was influenced by the colonists of the 18th century who brought the European style of the housing along with them. The main description that is found everywhere about this style of housing is, it comprises of one window directly above, two windows at the sides of the main door, and five windows on the floor above the main door.


It is a major misconception that contemporary style and modern architectural style is the same thing. Contemporary is the building style that is common nowadays. These can be different in design and structure both. Contemporary houses have an efficient structure and are made by using sustainable materials.

Renovating your home is an exciting but also daunting experiment. It takes time and money to perfectly sure that you are doing the right thing and that your project is a success. It is especially hard if you are doing a DIY project for the first time and you aren’t as skilled as a qualified construction worker. It is fun though and interesting to learn about DIY and all things to do with renovations. We are very lucky today with the internet as the best resource for information about anything and there are some great renovation websites that will provide you with all the necessary tools you need to make your project work. Click here to take a look at some of the best DIY websites.

Why Research is Important for DIY Projects

The first thing to remember is that you need to be prepared for the project that you are undertaking. There are many things that might be affected like the power and water. Inform your neighbors that there will be a bit of noise and that you are sorry for the inconvenience. Make time to protect the items in your home like your furniture and appliances so that nothing gets damaged while you are working. It is also in your best interest to research and get tips from experts that do DIY for a living. There is a lot of free advice available online that can only make your project easier and help you out of a sticky situation if you slammed a nail into the wrong panel. A person is never too old to learn.

If it is your first project keep it simple and easy. It has happened too many times that ambition has led to trendy and over the top creations. By keeping your renovations subtle it won’t be as obvious if you make a mistake. Take a look at timber frame homes for plans and design on some of the most stylish and beautiful log homes. If you are really ambitious and you would like to build a home from scratch this is a great way to start because you will have the best plans and that will lead to a successfully completed project. You might also want to use color careful and thoughtful to make sure nothing is too exuberant.

Consider maximizing space to complete your project and make the most out of every room. This is an old but useful tip as you can never have too much space in your home. As potential DIY specialists make sure you buy enough reading material and search as many websites as you can to learn as much as you can. With older homes you also need to make sure that the main structure is sound and in a good condition before you do any renovations. This is very important because you don’t want your main house falling apart because you added an additional room to it. Click here to read what the experts say about DIY and renovations.