Many people might take customer care for granted, but the truth is that it is a very important aspect when it comes to our businesses. It is something that could either make or break the business. Your customer care is probably the first impression that people will get of your business. If they are rude and unconcerned, they could turn away potential clients, and yet you have the services that the clients seek. You might not offer the services that clients are offering, but since your customer care reps are kind and helpful, the client might decide to try out your services. In this article, we are going to look at reasons why good customer service is your most important metric.

Reasons Why Good Customer Service is Your Most Important Metric

Reasons Why Good Customer Service is Your Most Important Metric

Customer retention is far less expensive than customer acquisition

Getting a new customer on board your business is five times costlier than it is to retain one that already exists. That enough is reason why you should work on having an impeccable customer service team that will ensure customers keep coming back.

Existing customers are more likely to buy for you than new customers

It is more likely for an existing customer to purchase a service or good from you as compared to a new one.

Great customer service results in a reduction of overall problems

Clients like being treated like gold, and treating them like so is good, because it reduces the overall problems of the business. There are fewer chances that the clients will get into legal battles with you, in case of anything. Treating them poorly is surely bound to land you into some sort of trouble at some point of the other.

Excellent customer service improves public persona and strengthens your brand

Great customer service is something that is bound to improve the perception of your company. There will be plenty of positive reviews, and this will make clients more likely to come for your services, if they are looking for them.

You’re more likely to retain your customers for longer

A good attitude has always been known to pull people, and this also works the same for the customer service experience. When people have a great experience with your company, chances are that they will most likely come back for a repeat business.

Genesys Purecloud Integration

Not all the companies have the time or resources to employ customer service reps, and these could include call center agents. This is where we bring in Genesys Purecloud Integration, offering gamification and employee engagement solutions. With Genesys, you can activate gamification and employee engagement on your PureCloud. They offer easy integration with Purecloud as below:

  • Pair nGAGEMENT with Genesys PureCloud
  • Determine hierarchy and KPI’S
  • Set up objectives & performance points parameters
  • Game On!

nGAGEMENT syncs in real-time from PureCloud the presence and ACD state changes of the agent, as well as performance metrics such as AHT, after call work, number of calls, etc. Thanks to the flexibility of nGAGEMENT, a customer can combine various data sources coming from the PureCloud system with external data such as .csv or excel files.


Any successful business needs to have a good customer service experience, and this is because it is dependent on the clients that they converse with. In order to improve the workforce engagement, you might want to try out Genesys appfoundry gamification.