It is important for the health and wellbeing of our dogs, for us to get them pet strollers. Pet strollers are a convenient way for us to move around with our dogs and not let them stay confined in houses. It is also good to note that pet strollers are important for the health of the dog, keeping their paws in great shape, and avoiding them from getting into things like accidents. Pet strollers come in all sizes and shapes, and it is very important for you to choose the right one for your pet when purchasing on. In this article, we intend to look at some of the things that you should consider before purchasing pet strollers.

The Size of the Pet

There is no way that you can go to buy a dog stroller without taking into consideration it’s size. You also need to take into consideration the approximate size that you expect the pet to be when it becomes a mature adult. Knowing these facts will make you choose the right stroller, taking into consideration the size and weight capacity of the dog stroller. The pet’s medical status is also important; does it have arthritis? Hip issues?

Pet Strollers for Dogs

How You Intend to Use the Stroller

There are many reasons why people buy dog strollers, and these can include walking, jogging and running errands. Strollers with wheels are probably the easiest ones to move around with, and especially if they are easy to push. For those that love going jogging with their dogs every morning, a jogging stroller would work best, while for those that are ever on the move, a dog buggy would be the ultimate choice.

What is the Terrain that You’ll Use the Stroller on Like?

Will the terrain be gravel, paved, grassy or bumpy? These are all things that you need to consider before purchasing a stroller, because you need to get the one that is best adapted for your needs. They come with different types of frames, different sized wheels, some with shock absorbers and others with very good grip for comfortable pushing. If it is very sloppy, you might want to go for one with the ability to lock wheels.

Understanding the Safety Features

Safety should be taken very seriously when purchasing a stroller. Make sure that the pet stroller that you settle for will keep your pet secure at all times. In the event that you have a hyper active dog that could easily escape from the stroller, endangering itself and others, you’ll want to consider getting one with a tether connecting to its collar or a safety belt. You’ll also want to get a stroller with a parking brake, or you might discover that your stroller rolled away while you were preoccupied with something else.

Choose a Good Stroller That Meets Your Needs

Anything that is of good quality is bound to cost you money, and your pet being like a part of your family, deserves the best.

PetGear Double Pet Stroller Review

Having checked out some of the things to consider before purchasing a pet stroller, we are now going to the PetGear Double Stroller. Pet Gear’s new NO-ZIP Double Pet Stroller is something that you would want to try out. It comes with an extra-wide carriage design offering spacious, comfortable rides for one or more pets. The fact that it doesn’t have a zipper means that opening it won’t be a hustle and one can easily gain access to their pet without struggling with zippers. Quick-release air tires ensure the smoothest ride possible. It also comes with a plush bolster pad and weather cover to create and extra-comfy environment for the pet, even in bad weather. This stroller also comes with a paw rest, while the pet can easily look out of the stroller using the front bar for support. It also comes with a panoramic view window allows your pet to remain safe inside of the stroller while enjoying the sights outside. This stroller comes with a cup holder, large storage basket, one hand easy-fold mechanism and ergonomic handle.


  • Easy-Locking NO-ZIP entry; plush bolster pad included
  • Extra-wide carriage provides a spacious and comfortable ride; two interior safety tethers included
  • 12″ Quick-release air tires with included air pump; quick-locking rear foot brake
  • 600 Denier water-resistant material; included weather cover provides protection from elements
  • 90-pound capacity


  • Crosses bumpy trails and even small creek beds with ease
  • Very roomy
  • Sturdy and well built
  • Has a foot brake
  • Can carry multiple pets


  • Some claim some parts missing
  • Some claim that it is heavy and cumbersome
  • For one, the front wheel wasn’t locked


If you have more than one pet dog at home, you might want to consider going for this PetGear Double Pet Stroller. This way, you can carry all your pets in one stroller comfortably without spending on another stroller.