Spreading awareness and information about certain things has become a vital part of what make sup this technological era, as nothing remains hidden anymore and anyone can access whatever information they want to as long as it is on the internet. And so, if you’re interested about something, all you would have to do is search. But what if you’re on the other side of the equation and you want to inform others instead of being informed? There are many ways through which you can do that too.

Spreading Awareness in the Technological Era

Spreading awareness

Among the various different ways, you could either blog, try SEO marketing on your website, or you could even try to post statuses and updates on social media websites as such as Facebook and Twitter. That way, you will be able to share the information with millions of people around the world, and if someone decides to share your post, it information spreads further and even more people get to see it.

So what if you wanted to share information about FDD, which is a think tank for public policy? In that case, you will first need to know as much information about FDD as you possibly can. You will need to remain up to date about all their activities, goals, and their vision for the future, as well as how things work there. It goes without saying that you also need to be passionate about it and actually have the interest in sharing information about FDD. And then, you need to spread the word.

It is extremely essential that you do. Take Mark Dubowitz, for instance. He’s the FDD’s executive director, and even he posts updates on his Facebook and Twitter page to inform people about what FDD has been up to and he also posts his own opinions about important things. The research that FDD focuses on, for instance, is of national importance, as Mark Dubowitz’s focus on Iran is meant to educate the people around the world and in America about what is going on in Iran. This organization does research on countries as such as Syria and Iran and show them to the people for what they really are.

Although the FDD is criticized as well for certain things, which is why it is up to the people watching from the outside and from the sidelines to take a stand. If you have a blog or a social media page and you want to make those around you (your friends and family) aware of everything that has been happening behind the scenes, you need to take a stand and let them know. That is because things as such, although they might be happening in a different country and a different continent altogether and you may think has nothing to do with you, may come back to affect your life in a major way, as all these collective political ideas, opinions, and movements are the ones that actually cause a major change.

To find out more about FDD, read https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foundation_for_Defense_of_Democracies

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