Whether you’re looking to shed a few pounds or just looking to stay in shape, we could all use a little help when it comes to fitness. If you can’t afford a personal trainer or make it out to the gym on a regular basis, hope is not lost, because there is a slew of fitness websites that can assist you when it comes to exercising and getting yourself into good shape. Here is a rundown of several of the more popular websites that should be able to help you out.


Firstly, there is the aptly named Fitness.com. This site offers tips and information on all things health and fitness related. There are tips on exercises you can do, equipment you can use, places you can go, and food you can eat to stay healthy and in shape. The site also features a handful of forums, where users are able to interact with one another based on their different objectives such as fitness, weight loss, or bodybuilding. All the information is available for free, while the site also offers a pair of paid services, one of which gives you a fitness and lifestyle program that’s designed specifically for you, while the second gives you access to a personal trainer through e-mail and online chatting. Even if you don’t opt to pay for its services, Fitness.com has more than enough information available to help you with whatever fitness endeavor you set out to achieve.

Another site that’s available free of charge, as its name implies, is freetrainers.com. By signing up for a free membership, this site offers users fitness and dietary plans that are customized to fit each user based on a questionnaire. You can dictate if there’s a specific part of your body that you want to focus on, or if there’s a particular method of exercise you prefer, such as gym training, cardio, or using an exercise ball, and Free Trainers will set you up with a plan that you’ll like and want to follow. The site also offers a great community, where it’s easy to connect with other users to offer support and find people who have similar interests when it comes to fitness. Having this personal touch from other users helps to make up for not getting a personal touch from the site itself, although a customized exercise and diet regimen free of charge is a darn good deal.

If you’re looking for a no frills fitness website that gets down to business quickly and efficiently, GymAmerica.com may be the right fit for you. The website itself is one of the more professional looking fitness sites you’ll find, and is designed for people who are serious and committed to fitness. Gym America offers users a free 10-day trial before it starts charging for its services, which include workout routines based on who you are and what you’re trying to accomplish, as well as a detailed meal schedule based on desired fitness goals. The site helps you track your progress based on your goals and offers animated demonstrations of over 100 different exercises. There is also a wide array of articles, blogs, and community involvement to help you along the way, although Gym America’s “personal” trainer is a computer program and not an actual person. However, if you’re fine getting your marching orders from a well-designed computer program and not an actual trainer, Gym America is a great site to help you with your fitness goals.

The list of fitness websites goes on and on, as all the information you could ever want on proper diet, exercise, and fitness is right at your fingertips. But if you’re looking for a little extra help, these are a few websites filled with people just like you that can help you accomplish your fitness goals, whatever they may be.

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