By now you have probably taken a huge step away from the traditional when it comes to your home décor, home appliances and fancy gadgets.  So why should you stick to the traditional when it comes to your pet?  Modern technology is making your life super easy and can also make your dog’s life simpler and much more fun for the two of you.   It is time to stop with the traditional doggy collars, dog bowls and dog toys and to start shopping for something more futuristic and more functional.  Here are the top pet tech devices that are actually useful and fun that you can shop online right now.

Modern Pet Tech You Can Shop Online

LED dog collar

If you want your dog to shine, literally, then you should definitely consider the Yippr Light Up collar.  This LED doggy collar is perfect for people that keep tripping over their pets at night and for keeping pets safe on evening walks because motorists can spot your beloved dog up to 1500 feet away thanks to the bright LED lights that lasts up to 7 hours when fully charged.  These cute collars come in various sizes as well as different colors like blue, lime, pink, red and black and you can switch between four LED settings like solid, slow flash, quick flash and off.  The collar also has a USB port for recharging.  With one of these collars you are sure to be able to spot your dog no matter where he plays in the yard and you can locate your dog easily during night.

GPS tracking chip

GPS tracking devices comes in different shapes and designs for pets but the chip is probably the best design since it slips through the loop of pet collars and can withstand nature’s elements.  You can download a corresponding app to your phone and keep track of your pat no matter where he goes.

Pet translator

Pet translators are still fairly experimental but exciting nonetheless because who wouldn’t want to know what their pets are saying?  Pet translators analyze the frequency of your cat’s mewing or dogs barking and will then send out the translation to your smartphone or even your pet translation device so you can find out if he is hungry, playful or angry.

Pet’s eye view camera

Want to know what your pet is up to all day?  Then a pet’s eye view camera is a must.  You can see everything your pet sees throughout the day or even use your pet to create funny family videos from an animal’s perspective.

Fetch machine

Some dogs never get tired of fetching.   They will keep nagging for you to toss the ball no matter how tired you are.  An automatic ball thrower can keep your pet busy for hours and will give your pet the workout he needs to stay healthy.  The ball throwers are simple enough to enable your pet to reload himself if you can manage to teach him to do that and these machines usually take a lot of balls.

Doggie treadmill

This is the perfect solution for pets that don’t have a lot of running space.  They can stay fit by enjoying a good run on a doggie treadmill and burn some energy.

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