There are so many incredible options when it comes to buying services online. I mean, as I type this and try to think of an easy way to even try to put this into a number, it’s impossible. Nowadays, it seems that everything is available online – from grocery shopping to even therapy – can be done from the comfort of your couch.

So, with all these options, one wonders why people even bother to leave their homes anymore to do simple tasks, but not all things should be done online (even if they can be.)

Let’s take a look at some of these and decide which things should be done online and which things should be done in person. In other words, the pros and cons to the advanced society of which we now live in.

Online Services

  1. Grocery Shopping. This one is really starting to take off. With most big chains now offering grocery delivery, or small companies offering to do the shopping for you, it’s a wonder people even go out and food shop on their own anymore. This is 100% certified do online. First, if you’re a parent with multiple kids, it will probably be a million times easier to food shop online. The small fee associated with this service is better than the headache of lugging kids through aisle after aisle as they ask for everything they see and start opening items before you even get to the register.
  2. Meal delivery. 100% online!! This is another great one for busy parents. I actually don’t even know if they offer these any other way, but they are so easy and convenient. There are so many options out there, from cooking your own to fresh freezer meals you just pop in the oven, but all are built to be simply ordered online. Our recommendation? Hello Fresh has incredible deals going on right now.
  3. This should never be done online, even if it’s via a Skype call or other form of video chat. If you are in need of therapy, it is best to actually go and see someone in person so they can assess more than just a face. If you really want the most out of a therapist, your best bet is to go in-person.
  4. This made both our lists. Working remotely is the newest thing, especially for small businesses who want to cut back on overhead. Studies show that people are more productive at home, in their own comfortable space, rather than in an office or cubicle. Also, the overhead is basically non-existent. On the contrary, by being a remote employee or hiring remote employees, you lose that face-to-face contact and human connection, which helps build relationships and strengthen teams. If you’re gonna go this route, it might be wise to have a mandatory work-from-office day.

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