The web is full of exciting and vibrant communities.  Some focus on message boards, while others are based around the postings of a particular blogger.  By exploring these communities, you may find a new source of inspiration for designing your spaces.  If you haven’t consider exploring the options in online decorating discussion groups, consider the following avenues to find one that works for you.

Large Communities Following Big Names

Many giants in the interior design industry, such as HGTV and Houzz, attract a lot of interest through their projects, leading to the creation of various discussion groups based on their activities.  Some of the communities can be quite sizeable, finding homes on large discussion sites like Reddit.  Discussions may include recently featured pieces, discussions on seasonal shifts in color preferences, or the key features of certain design styles.

Explore Web Communities for Design Ideas

If you are looking for a wide web-based community to interact with about design, these can be excellent places to start.  The wealth of information is often stunning, and may people on these boards are quite passionate about the subject.  You may even find out about designers you may have otherwise missed, such as the work of Juan Pablo Molyneux.

Additionally, they can serve as a solid introductions to all of the subsets within the interior design community.  If you aren’t sure if your style is transitional, traditional, French country, or eclectic, going through the information on these sites can help you figure out what sort of design appeals most to you.

Small Blogs with Design Focus

Blogs often attract strong followings as well, with many encouraging participation in the form of comments after key posts.  As with their larger discussion forum brethren, these communities can be quite active and knowledgeable.

While larger sites may discuss all things design, blog based groups may be more inclined to specialize in a particular area.  This can include focusing on particular styles, like shabby chic or craftsman, as well as various techniques, such as refinished or reupholstered furniture.  Some even focus on budget finds or the art of upcycling.  This focus can make them ideal if you prefer a particular look over another, or want to find creative ways to get the looks you want without spending top dollar.

Don’t Let Groups Keep You from What You Love

While these communities may be treasure troves of information, you may also find that certain practices are consider controversial in the design world.  For example, some people love the look of mixed metals, while others consider it a major faux pas.

If you find a particular look you love, and it is something you can see yourself enjoying for quite some time, don’t necessarily let the anonymous internet masses talk you out of your idea.  The best part about interior design is that the choices can be personal.  You are working with your own space, not theirs, so your focus should be on what you enjoy.

However, do think through your choices carefully before going with a particularly risky design.  For example, a black accent wall may look great in the ideal world of a magazine photo, but may not result in the same effect in your home.  If you feel it is worth the risk, don’t let the internet talk you out of it, but I would advise speaking to members of your household before making a potentially polarizing move.

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