Water is very important for the health of your cat, and you need to be careful how you present the water to the kitty as well as how you serve it. This itself can have a huge impact on whether the cat drinks or rejects the water. Some factors to consider when buying water bowls for cats as well as using them appropriately are:

Dos and don’ts concerning the water bowl for your cat

  1. The bowls should be shallow sided. Cats do not like their whiskers bending to fit into the dish. Bowls which resemble soap dishes are perfect.
  2. If the cat dunks her paw in the water and then licks the paw, it means that the whiskers are getting squished in the bowl and as the whiskers are sensitive, the cat finds it extremely unpleasant.
  3. The cats like consistency and that are why the water level should be at a consistent level. Cats dip their paw in the water when they are unsure where the water level is. Therefore, the bowl should not be filled one day, half filled another and perhaps near empty another day.
  4. Cats do not like their food next to their water, as the water gets contaminated with odor and food. Therefore, these should be kept away from each other or at least with a little distance from each other.
  5. Bowls should never be placed in high traffic areas; else the cat feels threatened. The bowl also needs to be placed away from litter trays.
  6. The bowl should be refilled with fresh water on a daily basis. If the water stands too long, it will taste stale, and the cat will not want to drink it. The same goes for water containing food or dirt particles.
  7. When the bowl has been refilled, the bowl should be washed as hair, saliva, dirt as well as food sticks to the sides of the bowl. When the bowl is washed, the dish soap should be rinsed off thoroughly as it can burn the cat’s tongue as well as it gives the water an unpleasant taste.
  8. Cats love pet water fountains as they love to drink from running water. Fountains also help to purify the water, improve its taste as well as the health benefits.
  9. Ceramic, melamine or stainless steel bowls are better than plastic bowls, as plastic bowls tend to absorb odors.
  10. Many cats are allergic to plastic and develop a condition similar to acne on their chins. Therefore, plastic should be avoided. Another reason to avoid plastic is because plastic tends to scratch, nick and develop fissures. These act as a breeding ground for microbes.

These are some things to be kept in mind when choosing a water bowl as well as placing the bowl for your cat. This will ensure that the cat is sufficiently hydrated at all times and does not suffer health issues as a result of dehydration.

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