Purchasing a gun safe is not an easy task. There are numerous different types of safes to choose from built with different material, security rating, and so on. When purchasing a gun safe you want to ensure the gun and every other thing you store inside is safely secure. If you have a gun at home, it is important that you securely store it as there is a higher risk of a family member getting shot. We have some tips for you to help you select the best gun safe.

Gun safes aren’t created equally

Of course you knew that. Most gun safe manufacture advertise how their gun safe is unique compared to the others in the market. So when you shop for a gun safe what should you look for? The build of the safe should be the first thing you want to consider. When we talk about the build we mean: construction, locking mechanism, metal thickness, and fire rating. In the past, gun safes were more like boxes made out of wood with a glass front for you to display your gun for your entire guest. While many gun collectors still opt for those, more tend to buy proper gun safes that securely store their guns.

When selecting the body of your safe, you want to ensure it is sturdy. There are many safes in the 14-20 gauge steel range which are not at all durable. You can strike it a few times with a hammer and easily make a dent. You want your safe to be at least 11 gauge or less so it will not bend or break easily. Door construction of the safe is equally important. The door should have a solid plate steel of a minimum .25”, anything above is even better.

3 Things to Consider When Buying the Best Gun Safe

The security rating of the gun safe

Chances are that the gun safe you purchase will be used to store additional valuable items also. So it is important to get a safe has a security rating that is equivalent or slightly more than your valuables. The security rating is linked with how much insurance you can get for the safe you purchase with the rating. They are as follows:

RSC content value of up to $5,000

B-Rated content value up to $10,000

C Rated content value up to $30,000

U.L. TL-15 content value up to $200,000

U.L. TL-30 content value up to $375,000

U.L. TL-30X6 content value between $500,000 – $1,000,000

U.L. TRTL-30X6 content value above $1,000,000

The content value range for each rating is subject to the agency but this is the typical range. So when you purchase a gun safe, you want to make sure you purchase one with the right security rating for the content you have stored.

Fire rating of the gun safe

When it comes to gun safes, people tend to overlook the fire rating. A fire never announces itself and it is important that you are safe rather than sorry later on. You want to purchase a safe that has been rated for a minimum 1 hour fire. These typically provide enough protection from house and office fires. When purchasing a safe you want protection from everything and a fire can occur at any time.

It is important you consider the above factors when purchasing a gun safe. They can make the difference of your gun and other valuables securely being stored away or not. If you are looking to purchase a gun safe we recommend you check out gun-safe.co which will help you select the best gun safe for your home or office.

Previous décor trends called for only a few paintings, photos and a smart clock on your wall but modern décor trends have resulted in home owners utilizing these often unused spaces in the most fascinating ways.  Wall art trends have become incredibly popular because thanks to technology you can now customize your walls any way you like and express yourself in so many wonderful ways through the art you hang on your walls.  Online shopping is also making it much easier than ever before to get your hands on great looking wall art even though these art items are highly unavailable in your area.  If your home still has a few bare walls then it is time to free your mind and to start expressing yourself on your wall so your home will become more interesting and unique.

Decide what you want

The most difficult part about wall art is deciding what you want on your walls.  Do you love photographs?  Well then perhaps a large collage wall with lots of framed photos and a few quotes here and there can be a great idea or how about a few canvas prints?  Do you adore abstract art?  Well the internet is loaded with gorgeous original abstracts that you can shop online or you can buy art prints much more affordably.  Is fine art more your style?  Perhaps you can seek out an online custom artist to paint your family for you?  I am sure that whatever you decide will be absolutely fantastic as long as you stick to your decision.

Tips for Shopping Wall Art Online

The importance of sticking to a theme

Wall art isn’t cheap and your entire room is decorated to match your art.  The curtains will match your art’s shade, the furniture should match your arts style and your wall paint color should also be considered to make your wall art pop.  It is important to stick to a certain theme because you probably won’t have time to revamp the entire room at once.  Wall art is usually incorporated over some time, especially if you are investing in rare pieces.

Start shopping online

It is always best to shop original art from a gallery but online art prints are absolutely fine.  Most online stores sell high quality art prints that can be sent through to your home from anywhere in the world.  When you are shopping online the art prints aren’t very likely to be framed which means you will have to get someone local to do the box framing or framing.

Be sure before you buy

The biggest mistake that most online shoppers make when they shop art is indecisiveness.  They aren’t exactly sure what will go well with the room, theme and with the household and end up regretting their purchase.  Take some time to consider the art you buy and especially the layout of the art before you commit.

Shop around a bit

It is always good to shop around a bit so you will get your hands on the best deals for the best and most beautiful wall art.

Having the right pitch deck presentation makes all the difference. It will not only put you in good books when it comes to investors but also other stakeholders of your startup. Most of the time, a pitch deck presentation is used for sourcing of funding and therefore it has to be made in a perfect way to get the attention of the investors. Luckily enough, there are templates which have made making the perfect presentation easy. A good template is like a walk in the park, you can easily present all your ideas, research, and facts and figures in a way that is visually appealing to investors. Some of the best pitch deck PowerPoint templates include:

business presentation

Investor Pro Pitch Deck Template

It is one of the best pitch deck templates that come with PPT and PPTX files. It really gives you a lot of options as it comes with over 67,000 slides and 28 pre-made color options. It gives you the platform of professionally pitching your ideas to potential investors. Good thing with the slides is that they can be edited and they come with flow charts, infographics, stage diagrams and pixel-perfect illustrations. The PPT and PPTX files have over 3,500 vector icons.

Marketing Slide PP Pitch Deck Template

This is a template that will give you the chance to present you information in a modern way as it comes with PPT and PPTX files that are easily customizable. It comes with different formats that can either be 16:9 or 4:3 to easily adjust to any screen size. The templates come with animation, data charts, flow charts, maps and process diagrams to take your presentation to the next level.

Multipurpose PowerPoint Presentation – Concept Business

This is a great template for making a great presentation as it comes with bold graphics and stunning visuals. It has over 220 unique slides with over 80 different color themes. The template comes with a drag and drop feature that helps you to easily create great presentations. With the template, you can easily create a clean, simple and creative presentation to wow your audience.

Business View – PowerPoint Presentation Bundle PPTX

It is a great template that will help you stand out from the crowd. It comes with many amazing slides that come with over 10 pre-made colors. It comes with great features such as: PPTX files, animations, vector icons, 3D graphics, smart art, social media and various info graphics.


There are many other templates that can be used to make top pitch deck presentations; those are just but a few. In making the presentation however make sure that you tell a story as everyone loves stories including investors. Have a different idea on each slide to maintain the concentration of your audience. Make sure you work on your first impression as it goes a long way. Study your metrics to know them well. Have a consistent look through the presentation. The fonts, colors, and capitalization among others should be uniform.

You know that having a gun is not only a privilege but also a responsibility. You need to make sure that you will keep your gun safe at all times. There is a possibility that your gun is going to get stolen or if you have never made any effort to hide it properly, someone may get hurt because of it. There are a lot of instances when people have gotten killed because their guns were not properly hidden. Do not let this happen to you.

Searching for a gun safe is always ideal if you know the right places to look online. You are recommended to check out the different reviews available first. If you see that there are some brands and models that stand out, check them out. Gun safe reviews will always allow you to make informed decisions without simply basing your choice on how the gun safe looks.

Finding A Gun Safe - A Few Tips

Here are a few more tips that will allow you to choose the right gun safe:

  1. Consider the type of items that you plan to put on your safe. It is expected that you are going to put your gun for safekeeping but since this is a safe place to put your valuables as well, consider the size of the rest of your valuables too. To be safe, choose a big safe that can hold a lot of items. You may be surprised with how useful it is going to be for you in the future.
  2. Easy to hide. There are some types of gun safe that will be easy to camouflage with the rest of your storage at home. It will help if you would pick a safe that has the same color as your cabinets. This will make your gun safe harder to find especially if some people are specifically looking for it.
  3. Search for one that is secure. You may think that the gun safe should still be kept under lock and key but this is not true at all. The modern day safe will come with a lock code that only you know. If the rest of your family should access the lock, make sure that they will not try to open the safe when someone else is inside the room. You may want to change the code from time to time to ensure the security of your safe.
  4. Decide if you are going to install it on your own. There are times when installing your gun safe is going to be complicated. It is best that you hire professional locksmiths that you can trust to do it for you.

One tip to keep your gun safe protected: Remember not to keep your gun powder inside your safe. No matter how fire proof your safe is, if you are going to leave the gun powder inside, you are going to make your safe similar to a bomb. Avoid this by storing your gun powder elsewhere.

With all of these tips in mind, you will have the right gun safe that will keep not only your firearms safe but the rest of your valuables as well.

You might not think much of it, but the world today is moving towards mobile devices. It is in the devices that people spend most of their time, whether it is browsing on the go, checking out their social media or shopping online. That means that mobile app marketing is one of the most important things right now. In this article, we are going to jog through some of the reasons why it’s important for you to get a mobile app for your business, and also how you can make it become noticed in the app store.

Boost Your Sales by Getting a Mobile App

Why is a Mobile App Important for Business?

Enables on to be Visible to Customers at All Times

According to studies in the United States alone, the average mobile user spends approximately two hours a day on their smartphone, mostly on the internet. This provides the perfect opportunity for them to see your mobile app if it stands out. They might be after something else, but it will be recorded in their subconscious mind. The more attractive and good looking it is, the more it is bound to stick in their minds.

Apps Create Direct Marketing Channels

Apps are supposed to be sources of information about your company, the services offered, prices, booking forms, newsfeeds, discount offers and many more. With mobile apps, you are bringing information about your company right to the fingertips of the customers. This can be made even more effective through push notifications, since this would bring about direct interaction.

Apps Provide Value to Customers

If you offer things like loyalty points, discount vouchers and other value additions, let them be redeemable through the mobile app. The thought that the customers can collect their rewards through the app would bring value.

Apps Build Brand and Recognition

Mobile apps can bring awareness to your business, and this can be broken down into two aspects:


Mobile apps are like billboards signs that have nothing on them, and as the owner of the business, you should put information that you would like the customers to see on those billboards. Make it attractive while at it, or they might not even glimpse at it.


“Effective frequency” is whereby you get customers involved with your app, thus encouraging them to make that purchase. Hearing or seeing the brand many times is what will get your business really noticed.

Improve Customer Engagement

It does not matter what services you’re offering your customers need a way to reach you. Include messaging or help desk features within the app. Instead of having customers call you, let them communicate with you in a couple of clicks on the platform.

App Push

By now you probably have your business app ready and it in the application stores but is not being recognized. It would be recommended to let the professionals do that for you, and App Push are one of the best app marketing companies that you can find across the globe. Note that having the mobile app accounts for just 50% of your struggle these days. What you need in order to have any luck with the app are downloads and users. Don’t let your app be in the more than 85% of zombie apps in the app stores.

App Push can help you get your app ranked. In order to get new users and to rank in the top 150, an important factor not to be ignored is keyword ranking ASO (App Store Optimization). App Push guarantee keyword ranking within the 1st month with them, with the most competitive keyword ranking within the top 20 results.


You no longer need to worry about having an app that is not doing well in any of the application stores. Let app Push do that for you at competitive rates that will get you to the top of your game.

There is a possibility that you are aiming to get a clerical position in the company of your choice. In fact, you have already checked out IBPS exam and all the things that are related to it so that you can prepare. You are recommended to learn more things about it so that you can become more knowledgeable and sure about what you can expect.

You should be reminded that there are some facts that you need to know before you can start doing any form of clerical work:

  • You may need to undergo On The Job training first before you can be considered to get an actual clerical job.
  • You need to acquire a high school diploma or its equivalent before you can be considered for the position.
  • You need to have some traits that will make you effective in doing clerical work. One of these traits is having the ability to communicate effectively with other people. As a clerk, you will be required to answer phone calls, e-mails and other messages. You need to know how to speak out and say your thoughts to make the other person understand what you are trying to say.

Tasks You Will Do as a Clerk

Other skills you may need are the following:

  • Accurate reading comprehension – You will be given messages and instructions that you have to understand and do correctly to ensure that business will run smoothly.
  • Time management and Organization – If you have to fix the schedule of your boss, you should know if the time slot is already booked for a meeting or not.
  • Problem solving – There will be moments when you will be faced with tough situations that you have to keep pleasant for the sake of the people who are involved.

If you believe that you have the traits that are mentioned above and you have all the needed requirements then you can get to know more about the tasks that you will do as a clerk. Expect the following thing:

  1. You need to maintain different records and files. There will be moments when some files are needed for referrals. You should arrange them properly so that time is not wasted while searching for these files.
  2. Sending mail to people – You will be tasked by your boss to send e-mails to various individuals. Make sure that you will send the e-mail to the right people. A mistake can be costly especially in formal e-mails.
  3. Answer phone calls – Since the boss is normally busy attending meetings and doing other things, you will be tasked to answer the phone and answer inquiries regarding different topics. As long as you have proper knowledge about what is being asked, then this will be easy for you to do.
  4. Make use of different office appliances and office programs. Knowledge about the various office programs will give you an advantage over other clerks as you can organize files easier.

With all of the details that you have learned about the tasks of office clerks, are you ready to become one too?

You may be worried about the current economy and you know that you want to earn more money than what you are earning now but you have to admit that you do not know where to start. There are always different online business ideas that are available online but you may still have reasons why you do not want to try some of these ideas out on http://benguonline.com. If you would be determined and passionate however, then you can do whatever you want.

The online businesses that you can start do not necessarily require you to produce products. Rather, you can also offer your services and get paid in the process. Of course, provided that you are good at the services you can give.

Online Business Ideas You May Want to Look Into Today

Here are some of the online business ideas you may want to look into:

  1. Social Media Consultant

There are some companies who are searching for a social media consultant that does not necessarily have to work in their office. If you are good at social media marketing and you have experience in doing this, you can start your own business online. You may become hired exclusively by a company to manage their social media accounts or you can handle more than one at a time if your schedule would permit it.

  1. Web Design

Do you consider yourself to be good in doing web design? If yes, then you have already seen a lot of poorly designed web pages online. How often do you normally think about the things you could have done to improve some websites? You now have a chance to improve some sites or create websites that will be visited by various people from different parts of the world. By providing your web design services, you can follow your passion and get paid at the same time.

  1. Resume Writing

While there are people who have a lot of work experience, they usually have a hard time creating their own resumes or CVs. The cover letter can be even harder to accomplish for non- writers. If you consider yourself to be good in writing, this can become your business. You will help people get hired because of their amazing resumes while you become recommended to people that they know. Word of mouth can actually make your business grow and flourish.

  1. Professional Freelancer

There are some part time freelancers who may work less than 40 hours a week but what if you are a professional freelancer? This means that you are going to work for 40 hours or more and you may be employed in more than one company. This can increase the amount of money you will get. Just take note to only take work that you can do. If you accept too much, you may end up producing mediocre work.

  1. App Development

Do you have knowledge about creating applications? You can use this knowledge to start your business. You can create applications depending on what is required by the company. Whether you have to make a photo editing application or a separate company app, your knowledge and skills can be useful.

With all of these ideas in mind, don’t you think you should start at the soonest possible time?

While there are many things that support your physical existence in the world such as your birth certificate, your ID card or your passport; it is very difficult to build your online presence.

As far as your physical presence in the real world is concerned, make sure that you update all your documents and have all necessary items that would be needed for proof of identification. As per the latest developments, you should ensure that you possess an Aadhar Card which has a unique identification number on it. If you don’t have one, you can easily apply for it in a nearby Enrollment Center. The best part is that it is free of cost!

How to Build Your Online Presence

As for your online presence, here’s what you can do to build it so as to attract the right kind of people towards you!

Set your objectives:

Any endeavor to find an occupation, as well as to boost your online profile, starts with an evaluation of your qualities, shortcomings and wishes so as to obviously characterize your objectives. For instance, in the event that you need to work in web marketing, highlight your online as opposed to offline experience so you don’t mix up or confuse your message or what you are trying to convey.

Pick the correct platform:

Web blogs, social networking platforms, Facebook, Twitter? The question is: which will you be most OK with? A blog may appear tedious and futile in the event that you don’t update it routinely. In any case, it is as of now basic to have your profile on LinkedIn and Viadeo, regardless of the possibility that you are more active on one system than another. Facebook, at the same time, can be utilized for professional purposes given that you carefully deal with your profile to maintain a strategic distance from mixing up your private and work life. In the end, Twitter has been appeared to be a decent signpost to a blog, and effective for sharing data.

Sink into the correct mood:

With a blog, Facebook or Twitter, being present on them on a regular basis is better than using them from time to time. On LinkedIn and Viadeo, make sure that you make your contributions towards carefully selected groups, organize routinely refreshed groups with a group of people; abstain from spreading yourself too thinly all over the platform. When speaking with your contacts, don’t utilize format messages: customize your messages to build up quality connections. An advice that is applicable to all platforms: talk about yourself as well as your activities but make sure you stay relevant, and update your profile on a regular basis!


What are people saying to you and about you on the internet? Do a fast Google search for your name. For normal updates, utilize the Google Alerts work. It sends you an email when you are talked about on the internet.

Focus on your picture:

abstain from uncovering yourself, for instance by talking about your private life or others’ and uncovering insights about your loved ones’ lives.

One of the toughest parts of starting a business is figuring out what software to use.  There are so many different apps and software that is tremendously useful for running a successful business and there are so many online tools available that makes life so easy.  But how do you choose what to use and what not to use?  Well, Google has made everything about running a small or even large business quite easy because there are so many different Google platforms these days.  You can almost run your entire business through Google because all of the word processing, communication and content sharing resources are available to you and because everything is linked through the same web space you can easily access all of your business resources and information from anywhere in the world. Here are the top Google apps that you will need to run your small business.

Operate an Entire Small Business through Google


Gmail is the best email account in the world.  With Gmail everything is just so easy! There are no issues when you log in from a different device or even form a different country and businesses from anywhere in the world can subscribe for a Gmail package and access their business emails from anywhere in the world.

Google Docs

Google Docs is a great online word processing platform that your business can use.  It works much like the traditional Microsoft Office only a little more basic but businesses should be able to create fully branded documents and can even design great looking layouts for their documents.

Google Sheets

This spreadsheet is terrific for all of your business data processing and you can easily transfer information between Google Docs and Google Sheets which also makes business transactions and information processing incredibly fast.

Google Slides

With this platform you can create gorgeous presentations for your business that you can store online and access from any computer from any location or easily share to any other client.

Google Forms

This platform is terrific for creating questionnaires or surveys for customers or just about any type of business form you may need customers to fill out when they are using your services.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is also one of the best organizers in the world. You can use this calendar as a reminder for any event, occasion or appointment and you can also use the planner to schedule your days activities and tasks.

Google Photos

Store away all of your companies promotional material such as flyers, adverts and photographs online so you can easily access them and easily share them with clients and with the world on social media sites.

Other Google tools

You can also check out Google’s other tools such as Google maps, Google Translate and Google News because even these are terrific aids in some circumstances.
Now if Google can just create a social media interference with the same popularity level as Facebook as well as business accounting software then you really would never ever need any other software in your life.  But in the meantime you can still get quite far with just these online tools.

Planning on purchasing an espresso machine but overwhelmed with all the options? There’s so much to choose from on the internet as well as in the market, but some of the best espresso machines obviously take the lead. If you know nothing about espresso machines, start by reading the main types of espresso machines available.

The Different Types of Espresso Machines

  1. Pod and capsule machines

These have had a significant effect on the espresso machine market over the most recent couple of years, and now make up the main part of espresso machines we purchase in Canada.0

Pods are discs of coffee compacted between two layers of filter paper. A few machines can work with both pods and ground coffee by giving a different filter basket and perhaps an alternate shower head for each.

The size and shape of capsules resembles to that of a UHT milk holder. They’re not packed like pods are yet rather hermetically fixed, giving them the additional preferred standpoint of remaining fresh for around nine months.

How they work

A pod or capsule of coffee is embedded into the machine, it then penetrates the case to enable heated water to move through and the shot is poured.

The Good

The machines are extremely easy and simple to utilize.

There are many kinds of coffee accessible.

They require next to no cleaning up.

The Bad

Some people may think that the flavors of the coffee prepared by these machines are not as intense as they would like.

The utilized pods can be reused, yet generally wind up in landfill, which is extremely wasteful of the aluminum and other material that goes into making them.

The Budget

They run in cost from $99 to $500.

  1. Automatic espresso machines

These are a small yet noteworthy share of the market; while the vast majority like to either work a manual model or appreciate the comfort (and cost affordability) of a capsule machine, the automatic machines certainly have their fans and can be extremely helpful in a small office kitchen.

How they work

Your glass goes under the spout, then you press the button and it grinds the beans to make the espresso. Many models likewise naturally foam the milk for a cappuccino or latte.

The Good

Much easier to use than the semi-automatic and manual machines.

Utilize naturally ground beans instead of a pod.

The Bad

Can be an extremely expensive as compared to other types of machines and their higher price isn’t an assurance that they’ll make really great espresso.

The Budget

The price range starts from around $500 and goes up to $3000+.

  1. Semi-automatic and manual espresso machines

These enable you to try and get more involved with your espresso. They require more information – and practice – of espresso making procedures, for example, dosing, grinding and tamping strategies.

The Good

Using fresh coffee provides you with that deep and intense flavor that you might prefer.

The satisfaction of making your own some espresso the way you like it.

The Bad

Troublesome for beginners with no espresso making knowledge.

You would need to prepare ground coffee before using the machine.

The Budget

The budget for semi-automatic and manual espresso machines ranges from $200 to $1500.