It might seem like the easiest thing on earth, until it is your turn to go to the store to buy the children some toys to play with. There are several factors that one should consider when buying toys for the children, and in this article, we are going to look at some tips for choosing the best toys for children.

Purchase products to grow with your child

You would want to go for toys that will grow with your child, and not toys that they will use for barely six months and then have to dispose. There is more value for money when you buy toys that will grow with the child, since they can still play with them at an older age.

Invest in the good stuff

It is best to go for brands or products that are known and trusted, since they are usually more durable, safe, and worth the money when compared to off-brand toys.

Consider learning toys

Buying informative toys is usually a win-win situation for both the child, and the parent. They tend to help the children with their spelling, reading, solving problems, and that sort of thing. Children get to enjoy learning as they play.

Make safety a priority

Safety should always be your number one priority, and despite the fact that they usually come with a recommended age, do your research to ensure that they are safe. Things like child’s age, maturity level, and even any learning disabilities are some of the things that you should take into consideration when looking at safety.

Check toy recalls

Going hand in hand with the research and safety of the toys, it is important to look out for safety recalls when selecting a good brand choice. You could be preventing future accidents.

Choosing the Best Toys for Children

Choosing the Best Toys for Children

Block Building Games

Block games are not only fun to play, but they are also very educational, and hence a very good choice of toys for your toddlers. That is the reason why we are now going to look at fun building block games for kids.

Creative Building Block Activity

Kids can use wooden blocks to build. Materials such as cardboard boxes can be used.

Add Things to The Building

Adding different things to their blocks expands their capabilities, and these things could include things like cardboard and boxes, or sticks and leaves, toy cars and animals, smooth stones, natural objects like pine cones and shells and much more.

Block Fine Motor Skills Activities

Children should be encouraged to:

  • Pick up blocks with tongs and put them into a container
  • Pick up blocks with feet and place into a container
  • Balance blocks on different parts of the body, head, shoulder, back (while crawling) etc.
  • Balance blocks on a spoon and walk (or have a block-and-spoon race with a friend)
  • Simply building the highest tower they can
  • Balance standing on a block, or walking from one block to another

Make Magnetic Blocks

You can put magnets on the back of small blocks and use them to create pictures and patterns that can be put on the fridge or magnetic board. They can also build by putting the blocks together magnetically.

Make velcro blocks

Velcro sticky dots can be used to build different shapes, sticking blocks together.

Block Building Sensory Play

Let the kids play with their blocks in different settings, such as on the grass, on rice, or dried beans.

Fill in the Shape

Draw shapes with text on card or paper, or mark out shapes with masking tape, and let the kids fill them in with blocks.

Barrier Block Games

This involves one person building something and describing it to the second person verbally, who then has to try and build something similar, after which they compare their buildings. This is perfect practice for clear and effective communication.

  • Block Puzzles
  • Make a building block book
  • Use tools with wooden blocks
  • Block games – for stages of development
  • Block play with pendulums
  • Tracing shadows
  • Make blackboard blocks
  • Add wooden animals
  • Make gradient blocks
  • Play a listening game
  • Wrap it in foil
  • Make an obstacle course for cars
  • Architectural inspiration
  • Maths with blocks – counting, learning shapes, measuring, area, addition and subtraction, and patterns
  • Block Board Games
  • Language activities with blocks


There are many other block games that you can find for children, but the ones mentioned above are some of the most fun and informative ones that you’ll want to try for your children.

Technology has brought about so much revolution and that includes also in education. Gone are the days that you had to go to a physical class to study. At the moment, you can do it from the comfort of your home and still get the skills that you want.

Singapore universities have taken that into consideration and at the moment they have many different online courses and distance learning programs so that they don’t lock out those you might be interested with those kinds of services. As much as there are many courses that can be done online, not all of them have the best results. For some courses it is better to go learn in a physical class especially those that involve practical’s and going to the lab. Some of the best courses that you can do online in Singapore include:

Best Online Courses to Do in Singapore

Best Online Courses to Do in Singapore

International business

At the moment many companies revolve around business and hence doing a business course is very important. Since working professionals may have a thirst for knowledge but at the same time busy with their schedules, Taaleem College of international studies gives working professionals the flexibility and chance of pursuing the course and improve their skills.

Digital retail banking

This is even great for a busy person as it is just a workshop and hence it is not very demanding in terms of commitment. It focuses on the new dynamics of the modern marketplace and the retail banking models that will work with them. The workshop will help those in the banking industry to come up digital retail banking strategy that will work with the current market trends.

Blockchain technology

This is a mandatory course that is worth taking especially those who are in the technology space. The changes in the financial industry are the next big thing as cryptocurrencies have taken over. Looks like the blockchain technology will be a solution to many problems currently being faced by different industries and hence learning about it is totally worth it.

Financial management

As much as many people may be skilled in many other areas, most people fail when it comes to financial management since they have not prioritized studying about it. Financial management is an important course and can be applied in different areas in our lives including personal lives since it is only with financial management that one will be able to achieve financial breakthrough and success.

Foreign languages

There are many foreign languages that one can learn online. With the busy schedules, one may lack time to physically go to a class and learn the language. Good thing is that even with the online class it is interactive and you will not necessarily be a passive learner. Foreign languages is a good thing and can be an advantage not only when you are traveling but also in your career as it will open up doors for you to try out different stuff that you would not have otherwise done.

Are you an employee of a company? Maybe you are someone who has just been hired and you are recommended to undergo online training so you can learn more about the company and improve your skills at the same time.

Some employees who undergo training feel like it is a waste of time especially if they feel that they can do more things that will be more helpful for the company. It is normal to feel this way especially if you are hungry to work. You want to work as hard as you can to prove that you can do it and that you are worthy.

Injection Moulding

Injection Moulding

Some companies will require specific training programs for you but if not, you can check Paulson Training Programs. You will be given information and facts about how to do injection moulding properly. This is dangerous if you do it incorrectly. You may get into an accident or you can cause another employee to become injured. Check the training tips and follow to get the best results.

Expect that you have to sign an online agreement when you sign up for online training for the first time. The agreement will state some rules that you have to follow throughout your whole training. There may be rules that are related to the regulations of the company that you are going to work for. Take note of these rules as they may be useful later on.

These are other tips you can remember so that online training can be easier to accomplish:

  • Always get to know the benefits of undergoing the online training. It is normal that you will feel too tired or too lazy to continue on with the online training but if you would do this, you will learn things that you will never learn on your own. You can write down a list of things that will make the online training worth your time.
  • You can take some tests that will help assess how much you have learned. Do you think that you have already learned enough from the training you received? If yes, then take the test. You will realize if what you have learned is already appropriate for your job.
  • Be thankful for the training. Some employers do not even bother to train their employees. If your employers want the best for the company and if the company thinks that you are an asset to the company, you will be given the opportunity to undergo training appropriately.
  • Understand what you want to get from the training. There are so many benefits that you can get when you train but can you appreciate all of them? You need to know what benefits you will receive from it and you will be thankful for the chance to prove your worth.
  • Schedule when you are going to undergo the training. Doing the training at a certain time of the day will make it easier for you to include it as a part of your daily life.

Do you still think that training is a waste of time? The things mentioned above may change your mind.

Most humans create their own prisons in their minds. Our thoughts and beliefs is what make who we are and therefore they can either work for us and against us. Unfortunately sometimes we don’t have an influence on our thoughts and beliefs. It is influenced by many things mainly our backgrounds and the society. In some cases we are in control of our thoughts and beliefs. Since there are many pressures in life and many people are seeking for freedom from themselves, mindfulness is growing in popularity with many people trying out different techniques to be free.

One of the mindfulness techniques that have been used is the 15 minute manifestation system. It is a system that puts time as a factor into consideration since we are trapped in our busy schedules and may not get enough time. Unlike other techniques, this only requires 15 minutes of your time per day and within 21 days you will be able to see results. It is said 21 days since our bodies take 21 days to adapt to a new system or a new habit and that includes a new change of mindset.

15 Minute Manifestation System

How it works

The program is in form of audio tracks that release theta waves that are responsible for rewiring your brain. The theta waves access your subconscious mind to get rid of any false or limiting beliefs that may be the stumbling block of you achieving all you want in life.

This is backed up by the concept that what we hear has an influence on our lives. It therefore believes that listening to these brainwaves is enough to change your life and make you better without necessarily doing other meditation techniques or yoga.

The theta waves have been made in such a way that they tap into the inner power and release the power that you have inside you. They are made in such a way that they will direct you to abundance.

The author of 15 minute manifestation Eddie Sergey has made the 15 minute manifestation in such a way that it is three different tracks that have to be listened each for 7 days, and 15 minutes per day. That means that by 21 days you should be able to attract the kind of life that you want.

The first track is called your natural state and it’s all about removing the old belief work harder to attract the life you want. The second track is called your new story which is all about achieving all you want in life. The third track is called moving towards abundance and is all about reversing negativity in your life to release positive power for success. You will also get a bonus track called deep sleep now that has 15 minutes of delta brainwave frequency to get rid of stress and anxiety.

From the 15 minute manifestation review, it is clear that it works. It may rather sound complicated but its concept is simple and it works.

A sick note, also commonly known as a doctor’s note or a medical certificate, is a note from your doctor about your health condition and how it influences your capacity to go to class or work. Sick notes can be for short ailments, minor surgeries, or more serious conditions and clarify why and to what extent you’ll be absent. Regardless of whether for missed classes, leave at work, or for travel, sick notes will guarantee you get the convenience you require.

Your Guide to Getting A Sick Note (Both Online & Offline)

Request that your parents write a note. Many schools don’t require a doctor’s note for illness, and many doctors won’t write formal notes for school absences. Your parent or guardian can write a sick note for your teacher which can be dropped off personally or can be submitted by you yourself once you have recovered. Make sure that the note written by your parent or guardian has the date of your sickness. It ought to likewise address the instructor and have a concise clarification of why you are absent.

For instance, “Dear Mr. Smith, please excuse Martha Cohen’s nonattendance from school for as long as three days. My little girl had strep throat and has been advised to rest at home. Thankful to you. Mr. Nathan Cohen.” Your parent or guardian should then sign the letter and seal it in an envelope addressed to the educator.

Your parent may likewise have the capacity to call the school’s office. A few schools give a window of a few days to do so.

Get a letter from your doctor. In some schools, or for extended illnesses, it is required to submit a doctor’s note. Often times this is possible; other times, it’s not. For when it’s not possible for you to get a doctor’s note from your doctor and it is required from your school to submit one, you can get a fake doctors note. Yes! It’s possible to get the best fake doctors note which would even look more real than a legit one. There are numerous templates to choose from, and the best part is that you need to pay a very small amount for the huge worth that you get out of it.

On the other hand, if your doctor agrees to write a sick note for you, you need to be mindful about a few things. The letter should explain your disease and the span of time you’ll be absent while you recover. Your doctor can likewise provide you with records of your surgery or any medicines you took for the sickness. These archives are then stamped with an official stamp at the doctor’s office and given to you.

Incorporate contact data. Your school might need to follow up with your parents or doctor to confirm your absence. This equitable implies that they wish to watch that your absence is real and accounted for. Ensure that your parents include a phone number in the letter, so the school can call to check.

Hair removal has always been a dilemma for women all around the world. Why do you have to go through so much trouble? The truth of the matter is that the skin- after the hair is removed -is so worth the pain. It is soft as a new born baby’s and as clear as the morning sky.

There are numerous traditional ways of removing body hair, but with the advancement in technology, these conventional methods have been taken over by the modern ones. However, the reality remains the same. Removing body hair does come with some medical precautions. You have to take care not to use the products which harm your skin.

Medical Information to Know About Hair Removal

Here is some medical information you must know about hair removal:

  • Shaving And Cutting

One of the oldest methods of removing unwanted body hair is shaving. Take a razor and clean your skin. Make it soft and smooth. However, is it that easy? No! Shaving is a very tricky method of hair removal. One in every ten women cuts herself every morning while shaving. This results in permanent scars and cuts that bleed when at the tiniest of touch.

Medically, a bruise which remains for more than several days can cause severe infection and may cause the whole muscle to become damaged. If you cannot handle a razor correctly, do not use it regularly. Let the cuts heal first and when the skin is back to normal, use a razor again but with caution. After shaving, always put on a skin softener and check for any bruises or cuts.

  • Waxing And Growth Of Inner Hair

While this is not a big medical issue, it is one which is very irritating. Waxing is a comparatively long lasting solution to hair growth, but it leads to the growth of inner hair. These are those tiny hairs that grow inward instead of coming outward. They cause severe itching and leave black marks on the skin. There is no medical treatment of this growth of inner hair, so the best solution is to avoid doing anything that causes this growth.

One good thing is that not everyone faces this issue. Numerous women, who do wax, never have to take care of inner hair growth. It depends on the hair type, the skin type, the type of wax you use and even on the body part where you use the wax. You can only learn after you experiment.

  • Laser Treatments And The Backfire

To get complete information on Laser treatments go to They give the best tips and tricks for hair removal using a laser. There are various instruments that you can use for laser hair removal, and you can get information on all of them on this site. Especially for people who have dark skin, hair removal by laser should be done after a thorough search. The reviews found on this site will assist you if there is any doubt in your mind regarding the laser treatments.

Nonetheless, over the years there has been a significant increase in the number of women who have tried laser treatment, but the result has been devastating. After a month of using the laser, the hair started growing back and in a much greater amount than before. Some women have skins and pores that do not work with laser treatment. It is advisable to use a laser on a small portion of the body first and then wait for a month or two before fixing your hair growth problem on the rest of your body parts.

There are certain medical devices that we need in the home in the event of emergencies. Without some of these things, people could get into serious problems or even lead to death. In this article, we are going to look at some of the medical devices that people should keep in their homes, even if they are not medical practitioners. These are things that people can keep in their first aid kits.


Stethoscopes come at varying prices and are very important devices to have around the home. It comes in two pieces, the bell and the diaphragm, and in order to switch from one to the other, a person has to hold the tubing and rotate the metal portion. It is usually used by cardiologists, but an ordinary person only needs one with a diaphragm. It is important to make sure that it is in good working order.

Pulse Oximeter

These are devices that approximate the amount of oxygen in the blood, and using them, one can tell whether the situation is improving or getting worse. This device also displays a person’s heart rate, which is usually between 60 to 100 and faster in children.

Peak Expiratory Flow Meters

This device is for monitoring pulmonary and asthma infections in human beings, determining whether they are becoming worse or improving. When using this device, a person takes a huge breath and then blows into it. In the event that a person has inhaled a caustic substance and they are having trouble with their breathing, it can measure their peak flow and record the number.

Inhalers – Albuterol & Primatene Mist

Allergic reactions, asthma and other certain conditions are best tackled by inhalers. Inhalers such as Primatene are bronchodilators, relaxing the muscles around airways. They open the airways to varying degrees, depending on the condition that one is suffering from. Other inhalers are aerosolized steroids or medications designed to prevent asthma attacks.

Spacers & AeroChambers

Back in the day when children were spotted with inhalers, it was said that they were being under cared for, and this prompted doctors to come up with spacers. With spacers, the inhaler is placed on one end, and the mouth on the other. When the inhaler is sprayed, the patient inhales the mist through his mouth. It takes the medication directly to the lungs.

Must Have Medical Devices

Best Stethoscope for Nurses

Now that we have looked at some of the medical devices that people should always have in their first aid kits, we are now going to try and determine the quality nursing stethoscope. Below is a list of the best stethoscopes for nurses:

  • Littmann Pediatric
  • Littmann Infant
  • Littmann Lightweight
  • Littmann Classic II S.E.
  • Littmann Master Classic
  • Littmann Cardiology IV
  • Littmann Master Cardiology

When choosing stethoscopes, we should consider the following things:

Personal Preferences

Different people have different preferences when choosing a stethoscope, but the following should be put into consideration:

  • The weight of the stethoscope
  • The size
  • Allergies to latex, nickel, and some plastics would mean going for models with hypoallergenic materials as opposed to standard instruments.
  • Length and type of tubing
  • Special applications such as toy attachments for those that work in paediatrics
  • In the event that you multitask with additional equipment, go for a stethoscope that won’t get in the way of the other devices.

Patient Preferences

Patients are meant to tolerate a lot in order to get well, but it serves better to make life more comfortable. The diaphragm, for example, can be cold on the skin, and you could go for one that can be warmed before use.

Practice Preferences

The place where a person practices their nursing could affect the sort of stethoscope to buy. They could vary as per the points below:

  • anesthesia
  • cardiac care
  • critical care
  • emergency triage and management
  • gastroenterology
  • geriatrics
  • holistic care
  • HIV care
  • midwifery
  • military applications
  • neonatal care
  • neuroscience
  • nurse practitioner practice
  • occupational health
  • oncology
  • pediatrics
  • perioperative care
  • psychiatric care
  • research
  • transplantation
  • trauma management
  • urology
  • women’s health care
  • wound care
  • ostomy care
  • incontinence care

below are some of the places that can influence your stethoscope:

  • health care provision
  • case management using a variety of collaborative models
  • forensics
  • informatics and biometrics
  • legal consultation
  • itinerant/travel nursing
  • training and education
  • may also require instrumentation that is not “ordinary.”

Good Features

Go for the best features in regards to the points below:

  • stethoscope components
  • collection mechanism
  • transmission mechanism
  • ear pieces

Configuration Options

  • Stethoscopes for students that are recommended by their instructors. The Littman Lightweight II S.E. by 3M is a light-weight stethoscope that works best for entry-level nursing practitioners. It generates accurate BPs, and it comes with a double sided head that is tuneable by altering the head pressure. It also has no natural rubber on it, making it the perfect choice for those that are latex sensitive.
  • Stethoscopes for general practice nursing include the Littmann Classic II S.E. stethoscope by 3M due to its sound quality, serviceability, and longevity. On the internet, it comes at a cost of $42.99 to $85.90, including a three-year warranty. The Littmann Master Classic offers higher acoustic qualities, while for the highest sound qualities, the Master Cardiology or the Cardiology III are the perfect fit.
  • Stethoscopes for Pediatrics – these come with a contoured head that is about an inch in diameter and less for infants. They can also come with toy motifs to entertain the infants. Coming with a three-year warranty, the 3M Littmann Classic II Infant Stethoscope is the perfect one for the tiny lads, the head being suitable for infants, acoustic quality is good, and ear tips seal out extraneous noise. This long lasting stethoscope ranges from $79.99 to $115.00 on the internet.

Also coming with a three-year warranty is the 3M™ Littmann® Classic II Pediatric Stethoscope. It’s a long lasting stethoscope with a head suited for children. It has comfortable ear tips that block out background noise, and it comes at a price of between $67.00 and $102.89.

Stethoscopes for Cardiology Nursing

These types of stethoscopes are suitable for the following functions:

  • emergencies
  • trauma
  • renal failure
  • where patient blood pressure may be so reduced that pulse is not palpable and heart signatures are barely audible if present.

The Littmann Cardiology IV and Littmann Master Cardiology stethoscopes provide high performance without electronics. The diaphragm can be tuned and work for both children and adults, and the master version comes with a single-sided head that has a special procedures adapter to allow additional concomitant evaluations. It also has double tubing that blocks out background noise during assessments. Unlike the other stethoscopes that we have three year warranties, this one comes with a five-year warranty, retailing at between $154.51 and $182.94 (Cardiology III) and $178.65 and $224.76 (Master).

Amplified Stethoscopes.

These work best for people that have a problem with hearing since they amplify sounds that are picked up by their heads. An amplifier is placed in the tubing of the stethoscope. They include the Thinklabs One, a powerful amplified electronic stethoscope. The next one is the Littmann Electronic Stethoscope, which on first use may appear lighter than many stethoscopes. It comes with a stainless steel head that is easy to use. It also has amplification controls (volume and frequency) on the head. The USB-type plug allows one to plug into a computer or headphones. It is a stethoscope that can be functional with telemedicine, and it can also aid in the documentation of electronic medical records. One can switch the diaphragms to suit Peds or geriatrics. It operates on one AAA battery, shutting itself off to save battery life. The price ranges from $313.48 to $401.96.


I guess you now know the medical devices that you should consider keeping in case of emergencies, and we have also gone in depth regarding stethoscopes. You can choose from the stethoscopes mentioned above for the quality nursing stethoscope.

We all want our children to go to the best school and have the best education. Therefore looking for a good school is a critical process. As much as it most of the times depends on the kind of student, the kind of school your child attends has a big influence on them and this will probable affect them even in adulthood. The right environment helps to foster our child’s talents and helps them to be smarter and more useful in the society as adults. But in order to get a good school you have to know what you are looking for. Everyone has their own definition of good and it may not be similar. Some of the things to look out for when searching for a high school include:

Looking for a Private High School Online

The kind of academic programs offered

Different schools use different curriculums and thus it is important to know the kind of academic programs offered in the school and the curriculum they are using. Different parents have different preference on the kinds of curriculum that they prefer their children to learn. If your student is interested in a particular subject, you should make sure that it is being offered in the school that you are planning to enroll your child.


Different schools have different costs and the good news is that you can easily get a school that will fit your budget. It depends on the budget of the parent in terms of how much they are willing to spend for their children’s education. Most of the time the schools will do their charges depending on the kind of activities or service they offer.


There are some schools that have small classes to give every student individual attention while there are some schools that have a large size. Different children have different needs; there are some kids who will cope well in an environment with many kids while there are others that are well suited for small classes. This is therefore an important consideration to make depending on whether your child is an introvert or an extrovert.

Student teacher interaction

There are some schools that have a better atmosphere in terms of teacher student interaction more than others. This has a big influence on the behavior of a student.

Extra-curricular activities

It is very important for a school to have extracurricular activities as this helps the child to express themselves and helps to nurture talent. You should especially look out for a school that will nurture the specific talent of your child.


When searching for Private high school Perth as we have seen there are many factors that need to be kept in mind. You should however keep in mind that as much as it is important to get a good school as that has a big role to play, parent engagement is also very important. Giving your child the kind of attention they need has a big influence on their behavior.

The digital age has made everything way simpler including learning. As much as the internet may have come with negative influences such as access to pornography, if it is used correctly it can be a powerful learning tool for teenagers and can even make them smarter. Gone are the days where we had to physically wade in library to access information, with the digital age, access to information and research has been made way easier. Some of the ways teenagers can use the internet to their advantage include:

Access to information

With the internet they can get as much information as they need. They thus have no excuse for ignorance. They can get as knowledgeable as they want in their topics of interest.


It is only through research that we can get to know about new information or we can be able to find a solution to a certain problem. Through the internet, teenagers can be able to do research easily on whatever they want. They don’t have to go library after library looking for a certain book to get certain information. The internet has made this way easier.

Ways in Which Teenegers Can Use The Internet as a Learning Tool

Develop new skills

Through the internet, one can learn something new and thus can use it as a platform to develop new skills. They can have as much skills as they wish and this will help them in future.

Read books

On the internet one can e=get access to books, it may either be free or paid one. They therefore can use the internet to read their favorite books. The books come in many formats which may actually be motivational, for example for those who prefer audio books have a chance to grab them. They can easily access as many books as they want.

Online mentorship

Through the internet, teenagers can get mentorship which can help them in decision making to make the right decisions. There are many platforms through which one can get information such as blogs, YouTube, certain websites, podcasts etc. This w ill help them not to be confused. They can learn through the experience of others to make their experience better.

Enhance creativity

Through the internet, teenagers can get inspirations on different things which can help enhance their creativity. They will get more exposure which will expand their minds and fill them with ideas on what they can do in different situations.


With the right channels, the internet can be a great tool for all teenagers. As much as it has its downside, the benefits outweigh them. On websites such as , teenagers can get all the tips they need as teenagers to improve their lives. The internet will help in preventing idleness and we all know the effects of idleness. Not only will it provide education to teenagers but it can also be a form of healthy entertainment as well as a platform for communication. With the changing trends, the internet is now mandatory for everybody.

There are just some things in life that were done better back in the day. So, we would like to offer you the best instructions for learning to shave the old school way. If you can recall sitting on your grandfather’s, or great grandfather’s, lap after he just had a fresh shave, you’ll understand why his way was better than the way we shave today.

Even with the best electric shaver, you will never get the feel he had. No matter how nice your foil or rotary shaver is, the feel of your skin won’t compare to the shave provided by an old-fashioned safety razor. Sure, today’s electric razors are convenient and speedy. They offer a nearly 0% chance of getting cut too, but you’ll have to decide which blade truly offers you the best cut.

The Best Instructions for Learning to Shave the Old School Way

Shaving Like Your Grandpa

Listen, men, there is nothing like shaving like your grandpa. What he did in that bathroom with his safety razor has seriously become a lost art. Average men today don’t even understand the value of a wet shave. We’ve grown too dependent upon cheap disposable products. But, there are significant benefits to learning to shave the old school way:

  • It’s cheaper- Traditional creams and shaving soaps are made out of natural products, and though they may cost a little more initially, they last longer when they are lathered properly. You’ll save considerably more on the razors as well.
  • Helps the environment– There’s a good deal less waste when you use a metal safety razor as opposed to employing the disposable plastic kind.
  • Shaves more consistently– Today’s razors actually irritate the skin. They leave razor burn and ingrown hairs. Safety razors will give you a far more consistent shave and leave your skin looking healthier. Read this.
  • Makes you feel tough– Let’s face it, men like to feel like they are cool. And, shaving the old school way is a ritual of manhood that will give you that feeling.

What You Need

Now that you understand why shaving like your grandpa is a great thing, you should know what you need for the process. Here are the requirements:

  1. Safety Razor– Holding a piece of metal in your hand will be far more impactful than your typical plastic disposable. You can find them in antique shops, or you can buy a new one if you would prefer. Learn more.
  2. Blades- There are several different blade options for your consideration. Each of them has its own unique sharpness and ability to cut, so try several until you get the one that is right for you.
  3. Brush- Using a shaving brush will help you ensure you get the most out of your shaving products. And, it will be quite the experience. You’ll have to decide whether you prefer boar or badger hair bristles. Badger hair is the nicest.
  4. Creams and Soaps– Get away from the canned versions and enjoy the benefits of natural products that moisturize and nourish your skin. They will cost a bit more but you’ll need less in the process, so over time you’ll realize the true savings.

Now you’re ready to shave right after a shower. The hot water will soften up your beard, then lather it up and start shaving. You won’t need a lot of pressure, just make sure to angle the blade away from your face and shave with the grain. For additional instruction, you can get some great information on this site.