No pain no gain, is what they say. But, when you’re an athlete, an ounce of prevention can be worth a ton of money! Keeping your feet and ankles safe is the smartest preventative measure you can take when it comes to injuries.

Unless you’re a member of Disabled Sports USA (learn all about them here), your feet and ankles are necessary to every sport imaginable. So taking care of them should be at the forefront of your athletic mindset.

8 Tips for Preventing Ankle and Foot Injuries

Here are our 8 tips for preventing injuries to your precious feet and ankles:

#1 Compression Socks

Purchase a great pair of compression socks. That way you will know that your feet and ankles are amply supported. This is a step that many athletes miss and that’s why it is at the top of our list.

#2 Warm Up

Stretch, but don’t bounce. You might even want to do a  three to four minute slow jog to get the muscles prepared for the vigorous activity you are about to submit them too.

#3 Condition Muscles

Cross training is a great way to build muscle strength. You should gradually increase your time spent participating in a sport in order to condition your muscles. This will save you from a lot of sprains and strains.

#4 Pick Shoes

Obviously shoes are necessary for most sports. However, if you do not pick the ones that are specifically designed for your foot type you will risk serious injury. There are some important things to consider based on the structure of your feet. So we recommend that you read this. And, don’t forget to replace shoes whenever they get excessive wear.

#5 Avoid Uneven Ground

Pick a good smooth surface to run on, preferably one that is free of rocks, gravel, stumps, and holes. However, if you will be running your race on varying terrain, practice on something similar to ensure your muscles are fit for the challenge.

#6 Hills

Running uphill is a great way to increase stamina and strength. But, you shouldn’t run too many hills until you have adequately and gradually prepared your body for the excess strain and unnatural angles.

#7 Recurring Injuries

If you have experienced an injury in the past you should probably consider investing in tape and ankle braces. These will aid in your preventative measures. If you need some advice on taping and bracing your ankles, click this.

#8 Listen

Sustaining an injury is tough. When this happens, and it will, make sure you rehabilitate and train prior to returning to a sport. Your body will tell you when it’s injured and it is in your best interest to listen to it speak. If you’re in the middle of some kind of physical activity and pain hits, stop or at least modify what you are doing until the pain diminishes.

Being an athlete has its benefits for sure. However, you need to be certain that you are utilizing these preventative measures to keep your body in optimum performance functionality. These are only a small selection of suggestions. You can find additional information about protecting your body during athletic endeavors by clicking here.

Stay safe and keep that healthy ball rolling. It is possible to enjoy sports and be safe while playing at the same time. Now you know how!

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