Purchasing a gun safe is not an easy task. There are numerous different types of safes to choose from built with different material, security rating, and so on. When purchasing a gun safe you want to ensure the gun and every other thing you store inside is safely secure. If you have a gun at home, it is important that you securely store it as there is a higher risk of a family member getting shot. We have some tips for you to help you select the best gun safe.

Gun safes aren’t created equally

Of course you knew that. Most gun safe manufacture advertise how their gun safe is unique compared to the others in the market. So when you shop for a gun safe what should you look for? The build of the safe should be the first thing you want to consider. When we talk about the build we mean: construction, locking mechanism, metal thickness, and fire rating. In the past, gun safes were more like boxes made out of wood with a glass front for you to display your gun for your entire guest. While many gun collectors still opt for those, more tend to buy proper gun safes that securely store their guns.

When selecting the body of your safe, you want to ensure it is sturdy. There are many safes in the 14-20 gauge steel range which are not at all durable. You can strike it a few times with a hammer and easily make a dent. You want your safe to be at least 11 gauge or less so it will not bend or break easily. Door construction of the safe is equally important. The door should have a solid plate steel of a minimum .25”, anything above is even better.

3 Things to Consider When Buying the Best Gun Safe

The security rating of the gun safe

Chances are that the gun safe you purchase will be used to store additional valuable items also. So it is important to get a safe has a security rating that is equivalent or slightly more than your valuables. The security rating is linked with how much insurance you can get for the safe you purchase with the rating. They are as follows:

RSC content value of up to $5,000

B-Rated content value up to $10,000

C Rated content value up to $30,000

U.L. TL-15 content value up to $200,000

U.L. TL-30 content value up to $375,000

U.L. TL-30X6 content value between $500,000 – $1,000,000

U.L. TRTL-30X6 content value above $1,000,000

The content value range for each rating is subject to the agency but this is the typical range. So when you purchase a gun safe, you want to make sure you purchase one with the right security rating for the content you have stored.

Fire rating of the gun safe

When it comes to gun safes, people tend to overlook the fire rating. A fire never announces itself and it is important that you are safe rather than sorry later on. You want to purchase a safe that has been rated for a minimum 1 hour fire. These typically provide enough protection from house and office fires. When purchasing a safe you want protection from everything and a fire can occur at any time.

It is important you consider the above factors when purchasing a gun safe. They can make the difference of your gun and other valuables securely being stored away or not. If you are looking to purchase a gun safe we recommend you check out gun-safe.co which will help you select the best gun safe for your home or office.

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